Kelsey--also known as the Slush Sleuth--is known throughout the northern regions of Greenland for her hoola-hooping prowess. She can look at the sky and know the weather for the next week. She is fluent in 10 languages, including ancient Mayan sign language. She has been said to have the voice of an angel and the agility of a hummingbird. Some even call her The Lord of Dance. She is an elite candlemaker, a connoisseur of fine Turkish cheeses, and a breeder of world-class guinea pigs. She decides when the sun rises and set. She prides herself on her ability to dance flamenco. This is her blog.

Slush Sleuth is a blog founded in late 2011. When it's not trolling around for other hot bachelor blogs or walking barefoot through the net, it likes to chat Young Adult literature, particularly reviews, book trailers, giveaways, interviews, or other YA book news.

Slush Sleuth was founded one summer while I was interning at Random House because all the lovely people there just wouldn't stop bequeathing me with reading material. I wanted a place to process all the novels I was reading, in addition to all the super-cool information I was gleaning on the publishing biz. Writing reviews seemed like good practice if I wanted to get better at identifying great and bad manuscripts (and I read a lot of manuscripts... seriously, you should have seen me work that slush pile. Even the craftiest of ninjas would have bowed down in envy at my slush-mastery). And thus, the Slush Sleuth was born.

Want to know more?

Early 20s Big Apple dweller Outdoor lover Country music enthusiast

* I wish I could quit life and become a flapper.
* I attended the high school fictionalized in a popular Paranormal YA featuring shape shifting wolves.
* Rose Hathaway is my hero, probably because she justifies my ability to act as flagrantly.
* Speaking of, if I could have three best-book-friends, they would be Vampire Academy's Rose, Paranormalcy's Eevie, and Hex Hall's Sophie.
* And if I can't have Eevie, can I at least have her sparkly pink tazer, Tazie?
* Believes in the magic powers of a good pair of black boots.
* Learning is to me as blood is to vamps. Love it. Need it. Always want more.
* Wanderlust is my middle name.... that might be a lie. But Wanderlust is definitely my pseudonym.
* Ren over Shay; Kaleb over Michael; Linden over Gabriel; Jacob over Edward... I love both Christian and Tucker... and Luce? I don't really get the appeal at all.

This is what I think about what I do and what I read. All opinions are my own.


  1. Well, this is a terrific page. Great fun reading this. Love your fun with language and story.

  2. I know I've probably said this before but, I LOVE your look. SO cute. Adorable name and button and fantastic background!


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