Thursday, March 29, 2012

Think Fast! The Spring YA Scavenger Hunt Begins...

The Hunt is on!

For those of you who are not familiar with the YA Scavenger Hunt, it is a tri-annual event where YA authors get together and host a massive viral hunt with puzzles, author blog hopping, and many, many prizes! The last time I participated, Summer 2011, I won Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Bootcamp by Tera Lynn Childs (along with all kinds of book swag), in addition to Josphine Angelini's Starcrossed! And my haul was one of the smaller ones being offered.

Have I piqued your interest? What you'll do is go from author blog to author blog. At each blog, you'll find a special feature on a different author in the hunt, and sometimes get special extras like a chapter from their upcoming novel. While you're there, you'll find a highlighted letter in the post. Find the highlighted letter from each blog, piece them together in the order of the hunt, and you have your phrase to enter for the grand prize.

Wanna know the best part? (What? you say? It gets better?... Yes it does!!) This time the hunt is bigger and more spectacular, meaning there are THREE GRAND PRIZES. That's right, count 'em. One. Two. THREE! The authors have been split into three teams, and each team has its own grand prize (along with lots of potential smaller prizes along the way). Look below to see a list of the authors by team:

The Blue Team Jus Accardo, Amber Argyle, Lisa T. Bergren, Lisa Burstein, Sofie Couch, Kimberly Derting, Laura A.H. Elliot, Christine Fonesca, Abbi Glines, Cynthia Hand, Karen Amanda Hooper, S.R. Johannes, Gina Linko, Gretchen McNeil, Mike Mullin, Erica O'Rourke, Joy Preble, Jessica Shirvington, Tiffant Truitt, and Debbie Vigue

The Red Team Ann Aguirre, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Leah Bobet, Tera Lynn Childs, Willow Cross, Ali Cross, Leigh Fallon, Tara Fuller, Janet Gurtler, Cindy Hogan, Colleen Houck, Elana Johnson, Jamie Manning, Claire Merle, S.L. Naeole, Gregg Olsen, Lisa & Laura Roecker, Jeri Smith-Ready, Cat Kalen, and Lani Woodland

The Yellow Team Josephine Angelini, Brodi Ashton, C.K. Bryant, Angela Corbett, Gina Damico, Bree Despain, Beth Fantaskey, Marley Gibson, Rae Hachton, Nancy Holder, Yara Hudson, Suzanne Lazear, Myra McEntire, Elexandra Monir, Lisa Nowak, Amy Plum, Inara Scott, Tish Thawer, Magan Vernon, Rashelle Workman

I KNOW, right? A big bucket of Sparkly Author Fabulous all in one hunt! I'll bet you recognize quite a lot of those names. Not to mention, by the end of this, you'll know even more new ones (and probably have added quite a few titles to your Goodreads TBR).

Okay... but enough of my rambling, this girl's gotsta get herself huntin, lest she become prey (yes, potentially taking the metaphor too far).

The YA Scavenger Hunt started earlier today, and continues until Sunday, April 1 at noon EST. For more information, or to have a sane person explain the rules to you, go here!

Happy hunting all!

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