Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Change to my Review Policy

Hey y'all, I just wanted to make you aware of some changes that are happening with respects to my Review Policy.* I will no longer be awarding books stars on the blog. Instead, I am going to post a highlighted 3(ish) sentence summary of my feelings about the book at the bottom of every review. This way those of you who like to get straight to the point can still scroll to the bottom and get a quick impression from me, and those of you who like to read the whole review (I love you guys!) can still do so.

The star system is something that I have struggled with, and while I know that book reviews are by nature subjective, assigning a number feels particularly so. I found myself constantly going back to old reviews and switching my rating by a half-star one way or the other, and it became very clear to me how inaccurate what I was doing had become. I'm sure that quantifying reviews comes easy to many, but it just isn't working for me.

I will still star my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon for those of you who desperately need the number, but for the rest of you, I think that my new "To the Point" Summaries at the bottom of each review will work just as well.

I am clearly in the blogging stage where I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me, so if y'all have any thoughts or feedback on this new system, I would love to hear them!

*You can find all this info posted on my Review Policy page.

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  1. Right on.

    HOLY CANNOLIS I LOVE your look, name, and header. A-flipping-dorable!


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