Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating.

Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction by
Richelle Mead, Simone Elkeles, Meg Cabot, Heather Brewer, Saundra Mitchell, Diana Peterfreund, Laini Taylor, Margaret Stohl, Matt de la Pena, Kami Garcia, Malinda Lo, Lisa McMann, Michael Grant, and editted by Carrie Ryan

Release Date: August 28, 2012
Publisher: Random House Children's Books

Have you ever been tempted to look into the future? To challenge predictions? To question fate?

It's human nature to wonder about life's twists and turns. But is the future already written—or do you have the power to alter it?

From fantastical prophecies to predictions of how the future will transpire, Foretold is a collection of stories about our universal fascination with life's unknowns and of what is yet to come as interpreted by 14 of young adult fiction's brightest stars.

Y'all, I am not a short stories girl. I don't know when it happened or why it happened, but the sight of a short story has filled me with dread ever since I was young. I think it has something to do with a babysitter reading me Edgar Allen Poe's The Cat at an age far younger than was appropriate, but if you said, "Hey Kels, what's up, wanna read an obscenely long novel or a short story for homework tonight?" I would say "OMG NOVEL, please."

However, despite my irrational wariness of short stories, I am pee my pants excited for this release. That's right folks; I am putting aside my strange phobia because of how AWESOME this collection is going to be. What an incredible line up of authors! Every single one of them is on my Read or TBR List.

Insider information: I was lucky enough to attend a conference with Laini Taylor last fall, and she read her story from this collection. Just like all of her works, it is beautiful and thoughtful and romantic and super cute. I am so excited for you all to read it!

Plus, for any of you fellow Vampire Academy die hards, we get a story with Rose and Dimitri where they allegedly go to Russia and meet his family together. I was really bummed that this didn't happen during the series, so I feel like I'm getting a second chance with this collection. And think, that's just one of the 14 stories that we're going to get to read! (Squeee!!!)

Whoops! Time to get my uuber fangirling under control... So, what are you all excited for this week?


  1. many awesome names! Thanks for the heads up on this one!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

  2. Sounds lovely! Hope you enjoy reading this when it comes out :)

    Here is my WoW post. Check it out? ;)

    -Maxine @ Teenage Fiction

  3. Hopping thru on WOW. Come see what my WOW is this week! Happy Reading!

  4. I like short stories so I might check this one out! I'm glad you peeing your pants with excitement...tee hee :-P

    My WoW:

  5. I'm kind of like you - not a big fan of short stories. I don't know why, I just rarely pick them up. Maybe I feel like they're too disjunct. I do like the collection of authors that have contributed to this anthology, though. I hope these short stories surprise you!

    Feel free to check out my WoW here.

  6. I can't say I'm 'pee my pants' excited but a collection of short stories like this is something you can definitely add to the TBR list! Good find!

    My WoW

    @TCAbn The Motley Chronicles

  7. Wow. I hadn't heard of that book before, but I LOVE the cover. I'll have to check it out!
    Great pick!

    My WOW

  8. Ooh, a compilation! *runs off to wishlist*
    *runs back* I'm a new follower! *gasps for breath*

    =^.^= ComaCalm's Waiting For... =^.^=

  9. Oh, wow. Awesome cover! Great title, too. Really sucks you in.

  10. This looks SO GOOD! I'm huge fans of many of these authors, so I'm definitely getting this one. Thanks for sharing it -- I had no idea it was coming out!

    New follower :)

    Reader's Refuge


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