Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cover Reveal: Sever by Lauren DeStefano

You guys, THIS is why people shouldn't have jobs. Especially new jobs that require 50-60 hours a week and make it really hard to sneak on Twitter and Blogger during the day. Because if you suddenly find yourself strapped with a very demanding (albeit fun) job, you might miss a massively awesome cover reveal and be behind the times and feel very, very sad.

Stop pointing those accusing stares at me! I would never try to sneak on social media sites during work, or go into a slightly catatonic fit when I realized I missed the release of the Sever cover. Noooooooo.

(SSSSHHHHHHHHHH, don't tell!)

I will never love a cover the way I loved Wither. However, I do still think that Lizzie Bromley is a genius of a designer, and I did feel like Fever's cover captured the feeling of the book. Therefore, I am intrigued by the vaguely Stepford-wivish quality to this one! WHATEVER DOES IT MEAN?

Listen, all I'm saying is the end of Fever may have actually caused me to have an aneurysm. I don't think a book has ever--EVER I tell you!--caused me to walk away still feeling that emotionally frustrated (in both good and bad ways). I got weeks of good workouts after I finished it because I would have imaginary conversations between Linden and Rhine in my head and these confrontations would be FUELED WITH SUCH PASSION that I would pull a Forrest Gump and not even notice when 5 miles had passed.

Summary: Sever come to meeeeeeeeeee. (Accio Sever!)

Also, Go Team Linden.


  1. Love the new cover!! I absolutely loved the cover of Wither and wasn't the biggest fan of Fever's cover, but I do like this one! I also like her dress...
    I'm excited about this book, definitely want to know what's gonna happen!

    1. You know, I was disappointed by the Fever cover when it was released (especially because they made such a huge deal about it), but looking at the three I think Sever is the weakest, production wise. I wish they hadn't changed the model.

      Thematically it feels so different though. And now, the more I look at it (and the wedding ring, and the un-caged bird) I wonder.... is she wearing some sort of wedding dress? (!!)

  2. The first one is definitely my favorite! Wonder why they didn't keep the same model for all three?


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